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Argentinian-born, Estefania Minniti is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Byron Bay, Australia. Raised in the cultural hotbed of Buenos Aires, she is deeply inspired by the transience of life and of human expression, and the vast, colourful stories and experiences we live and gather as our own. 

Obsessed with the notions of time—a complex matrix in which we all coexist—she explores the realities of past, present and future through her works in a variety of different artistic forms.

Having been distanced from her homeland and family for an extended time, fragments of her past and roots undoubtedly emerge in her works—past experiences and emotions melded with the present. 

Not expecting (nor actually wanting) others to learn the “why” behind her pieces, she is, however, delighted by another’s interpretation of her art. Her satisfaction as an artist comes from knowing that her own experiences and interpretations are relatable and, in many ways, common to the human collective.

FANIA is a world in another dimension. It is madness; light, dark and colour; psychedelia; the ether—it is everything and yet, nothing. It is absurd and challenging. It invites you in and spits you out in the same moment. Welcome.


Swallowed Gum

Hotel Metropole Lismore, May 2023

Birds 2

Gallery 3, Byron Bay, June 2022

Open Gallery Night

Art & Wine Co., Byron Bay, July 2022


Enquire about available artwork for sale or exhibitions / Phone: +61 411 584 945

Byron Bay, NSW 2481, Australia

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